Vicky’s Investigation APK v1.0 (MOD/Final) Download 2023

Download Vicky’s Investigation APK For Android. In Vicky’s Investigation APK, you have to uncover the truth about her father’s indiscretions.
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March 5, 2023
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Download Vicky’s Investigation APK For Android. Welcome to Vicky’s Investigation APK! Here, you will follow Vicky’s journey as she suspects that her father is cheating on her mother and decides to look for evidence on his laptop. As she peruses his computer for clues, her own curiosity gets the better of her – stumbling across gorgeous porn that seems impossible to ignore. And then it happens… her father returns and catches her in the naughty act. Now she must find ways to make it up to him – in another pivotal moment in her journey.


In Vicky’s Investigation APK, you have to uncover the truth about her father’s indiscretions. From snooping through her father’s computer files, to sneaking around her parents’ bedroom, your mission will be filled with suspense and intrigue – only made worse when you’re caught in the act.

In gameplay, you will take control of Vicky’s actions: snoop, sneak, and explore her father’s laptop, looking for evidence of an affair. To make matters even more exciting, Vicky will fail multiple times as she discovers alluring porn that leads her down a slippery slope of arousal and distraction – she can’t help but touch herself to the gorgeous imagery!


The graphics in Vicky’s Investigation APK are top-notch, filled with vibrant colours and lifelike environments that bring the game’s scenes to life. From Vicky’s home to her father’s bedroom, you experience the same thrill and suspense of being in those locations as if you were actually there.

User Interface:

The user interface of the game is easy to navigate and understand, with simple tutorials to help guide you through your mission. There are numerous tools and options that can be used to customize Vicky’s journey and make it as thrilling as possible.


The sound of Vicky’s Investigation APK is just as amazing as its graphics. The suspenseful soundtracks and sound effects heighten the suspense, giving the game a tangible feeling. This intensifies the feeling of being in the scene with Vicky, accompanying her on her mission.


Q: Is Vicky’s Investigation APK appropriate for all ages?

A: Vicky’s Investigation APK is appropriate for only 18+ age users.

Q: How do I complete Vicky’s mission?

A: To complete Vicky’s mission, you must explore her father’s laptop and search for evidence of an affair. You must also face your fears and make decisions based on the findings and evidence.

Q: Are there in-game purchases and extra features?

A: No, there is no in-game purchases and extra features.


Vicky’s Investigation APK is an exciting and thrilling journey that takes you on the mission with Vicky as she investigates her father’s indiscretions. From sneaking around her parents’ bedroom, to browsing through her father’s laptop, the game has amazing graphics and soundtracks that make it feel real. There is also an easy-to-use user interface, as well as in-game purchases and extra features for added customizability. All together, the game provides an exciting experience that will keep you gripped in suspense and thrill.

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