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Download Love Is Undead APK for Android. Love Is Undead Mod Apk is an interactive game featuring daily life with your sister in a post-apocalyptic zombie world.
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Feb 16, 2023
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Download Love Is Undead APK for Android. Love Is Undead Mod Apk is an interactive game featuring daily life with your sister in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. The story behind it could be seen as quite humorous, but it is actually very close to recent events.

What is Love Is Undead APK?

Love Is Undead Apk is an interactive fiction game in which you play the role of a young woman living with her sister in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. The game is set up like a visual novel, with the player making choices that affect the outcome of the story. The choices you make will determine whether you and your sister survive the zombie outbreak, or succumb to the undead hordes.

About Love Is Undead Apk

It all started with ‘an unknown new virus’ that caused people to become violent and attack stores like traditional robbers. The protagonist quickly put a plan into motion and managed to keep himself safe from harm by implementing a home quarantine – all his necessities were delivered to his doorstep allowing him to stay well away from the commotion outside.

The protagonist found himself in a dire situation and had no choice but to venture out from the house to find food. Unfortunately, zombies were everywhere and he was bitten by one. To his advantage, he was granted supernatural powers which made him immune from viral infections. With his expertise in science, he managed to create vaccines through manipulation of his own cells.

The protagonist’s first thought after creating the healing medicine was to find a zombie, so he ventured out in search of one. He was lucky enough to discover a new zombie, who the protagonist referred to as “Amber”. While searching the streets, the survivors were startled by his presence since they hadn’t seen a woman for quite some time.

The protagonist had previously been bitten by a zombie, and thus it was up to him to bring “Amber” home and work on their recovery in order to understand if their condition could be reversed.

The aim of the player is to create an antidote for Amber. In order to collect the necessary ingredients, the player will have to venture outside of their home.

Love Is Undead APK Download

There are six intervals in a day within the game. It takes time and effort for players to look for supplies. With enough exploration players can come across new sites, weapons and other useful items such as medications and Survival Points (SP).

Players must stay vigilant during their journey and manage their “Survival Points” to keep their characters alive. They can use the points to buy weapons, items, or upgrades. Survival Points are also needed to make antidote, purchase supplies from forest merchants, and eat every day.

Additionally, new books and recipes are scattered throughout the world that will increase a character’s abilities. But players must also be wary of Amber; initially he is in Phase 4, which makes him dangerous as he is irrational and wants to bite people – thus it is necessary for players to tie him up in a chair.

The protagonist is able to develop an antidote over time, allowing them to counter the symptoms of zombification by injecting it into individuals they have marked as “Amber”. With the antidote, Amber will become more docile and intelligent, seeing similarities in pet-like behavior.

Love Is Undead APK FREE Downlaod

With higher energy levels and mobility, players can forge a connection and develop relationships with Amber, including communications which may involve sexual aspects. Depending on the state of infection of the player, this relationship could become even closer than before.

The eating habits of your character, Amber, through the stages of infection changes. Firstly, you feed her dog food when she mimics canine behavior in the fourth stage. You will notice distinct differences if you take away her favorite fried rice and burgers during this period. When returning to humanness in the second step, Amber expresses dissatisfaction with such a change in diet.

During gameplay and as the infection process progresses, there are plenty of secrets to uncover as you explore with Amber. Discover unique locations around the city, gather movies or find out that an illustrious rock star has been turned into a zombie that cannot bite you- but does give you sexy underwear for taking it home!

While the game has mainline elements, players can still play, enjoy the doomsday life, and have sex with others after the mainline ends. Playing this sketch game is a lot of fun.


The graphics in Love Is Undead are 2D, and the art style is cartoonish. The game is set up like a visual novel, with the majority of the gameplay taking place through reading the story. The graphics are colorful and well-done, and add to the overall tone of the game.

User interface:

The user interface is simple and easy to use. The game is controlled entirely through clicks, with the player making choices by clicking on the screen. The interface is straightforward and easy to understand, and doesn’t get in the way of the gameplay.


The sound in Love Is Undead is limited, but effective. The majority of the game is composed of reading the story, so there is no need for a lot of background noise or music. The sound that is present is well-done, and adds to the game’s atmosphere.


Overall, the Love Is Undead APK is an interactive game that is both fun and challenging. It features daily life with your sister in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. The game is well-designed and offers a variety of engaging gameplay mechanics. If you’re looking for a new game to play on your Android device, be sure to check out Love Is Undead.

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