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Download Konoha Night APK For Android. Konoha Night Apk game allows you to interact with beautiful girls to make your ideas come true.
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Jan 26, 2023
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Download Konoha Night APK For Android. Konoha Night Apk combines puzzle and action feature. Konoha Night Apk game allows you to interact with beautiful girls to make your ideas come true. This gives you an opportunity to date attractive-looking girls and has a good time.

Naruto’s ten-year-long animated series was inspired by the manga of the young ninja, the Fox with Nine Tails. Even though it was discontinued in 2017, it has since gained a following, and new additions and connected games, like Konoha Ultimate Storm on Android, keep popping up.

Players can battle with all the ninjas of the manga, along with their various powers (wind and lightning, water, earth and fire). The game is beautifully based on the Naruto story. This RPG features turn-based combat.

In 2020, the series will resume with new tales and ninjutsu, love and emotion, unforgettable entanglements and friendships, as well as the unbreakable chains of destiny!

Game’s opening

A mobile game based on the anime “Naruto” is called Konoha Ultimate Storm. The game has many Ninjutsu based on the elements of wind lightning, water, fire, earth, and water.

Explore the world at your own pace, build the strongest Ninja Team and make friends. Enjoy the classic tale sequences while you engage in cooperative combat! The unique battle system, fluid tactical teamwork, battling, and exciting semi-realtime turn based gameplay will give you the best gaming experience.

Beautiful Ninja Team – Think back ten years.

Classic cards games, competitions and strategy are all included.

Konoha Ultimate Storm offers all the excitement!


The gameplay of Konoha Night is quite straightforward. You start by choosing your character and customizing her as you like. Once you finish the customization process, you can then take her on a date in different places.

During the date, you earn points and rewards depending on how you act and the conversations you have with the girl. Every time you complete a successful date, you can unlock new items to customize your girl. There are also several mini-games that you can challenge yourself and the girls to.


The sound effects and background music of Konoha Night are also quite impressive. The audio is crisp and clear and does not distract from the gameplay. You can also customize the sound settings to your liking, making for an immersive gaming experience.


The interface of Konoha Night is simple and user-friendly. The controls are easy to understand and use, and the graphics are quite good. The app also supports several different languages, so you can enjoy the game in your preferred language.

Game Features:

A Classic Tale

With Naruto, relive the original, timeless tale sequences and express your individuality! Hire a ninja and form a group to explore the vast Naruto universe. One can employ more than 100 ninjas,

In an adventure, you’ll never feel alone. You can pursue your Nindo in the Konoha Ultimate Storm universe.

Absolute Ninjutsu

Stunning Ninjutsu and top-notch artwork. Numerous Ninjutsu such as Rasengan and Chidori, Tsukuyomi Shinratensei, Shinratensei, Tsukuyomi Shinratensei and others properly restore each Ninja’s talent!

Fate Intertwining

Original battle mechanics, outstanding skill demonstration, and the return of the delicate cooperation and passionate enmity between ninja characters! Naruto, Sasuke and Zabuza, the three most well-known Ninjas, will again link up to fight!

Create your best ninja team with no restrictions and open rules!

Combative Strategy

Play fairly and reject numerical triumph! There are many types of PVP entertainment, from amusement for the whole family to brain teasers for the competitive mind.

Defending One Another

In a number of instance games, make new buddies. A collection of shared memories is more powerful than an individual’s triumph. Konoha Ultimate Storm allows you to create new relationships.


High-quality graphics and animations. During the gameplay, the game uses 3D graphics and animations that provide an immersive experience to the player. So, players can expect exciting moments and unique features while playing.

More Features

Easy-to-use interface 

The game offers a simple interface that allows you to easily interact with the characters.

Easy controls to navigate 

The game has easy-to-use controls for both beginners and professionals.

Real-time interaction with the environment

The game uses a real-time environment where you can move objects directly in space and interact with girls.

Real characters

The game uses 3D characters with realistic skins, creating a unique experience for players who love adult 3D games.

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