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Download GTA Philippines APK + OBB + Data For Android. GTA Philippines Apk is an Open World game that is fully customized in the Philippines.
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Feb 05, 2023
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Download GTA Philippines APK + OBB + Data For Android. Now Philippines Games fans can download GTA Philippines APK + OBB + Data For Android to play offline. GTA Philippines Apk is an Open World game that is fully customized in the Philippines.

About GTA Philippines APK

GTA Philippines Apk is an open world game developed uniquely for the android platform. This GTA Philippines APK Mod has all Philippines country-style Cars, Buses, Trunks, and Police Cars. This game is modded to imitate the familiar street corners, cities, and structures of the Philippines. Players can explore the entire country virtually, traveling between islands to accomplish missions, race cars and commit crimes. The game includes customizable character models, a dynamic day and nighttime cycle with stunning detail, rich sound design, and much more.

GTA Philippines Apk also features visually stunning cinematic cutscenes, new protagonist voices, a full-fledged multiplayer mode, and a variety of weapons including pistols, rifles, shotguns, and even rocket launchers. The game also comes with an interactive map allowing the player to travel between locations. There are also vehicles which can be changed and customized. Players can buy and collect cars, bicycles, trucks, and planes to use in the game.


The gameplay of GTA Philippines Apk is based on driving around the open world and completing missions to earn money and unlock points. Players are given various mission objectives such as racing against cars or killing gang members to complete them. Completing each mission rewards players with cash and experience points that they can use to purchase upgrades, vehicles, or weapons. You can steal cars, rob banks, and perform other criminal activities to accumulate cash and make your way through the game. Additionally, you can own private vehicles, enter gang headquarters and commit other crimes, or go on adventures in places like countryside, highlands, and plains featured in the game.

The game also has several entertaining side activities like gambling and bowling. Players can also compete in speedboat races against rival drivers. There is also an online multiplayer mode that allows people from different countries to play with each other in races, deathmatch style fights, and other cooperative modes. Players can also purchase a variety of vehicles and customize them with options like paint jobs, spoilers, window tinting, nitrous oxide acceleration, and more.


GTA Philippines Apk is built on a custom game engine, so it uses high-end graphics to portray the Philippine culture and environment realistically. The game features beautiful representations of the local landscape, day and night cycle, and extensive physics-based animations. Players can experience all the action and adventure of an open world game as they fly through the air, drive on rough terrain, and participate in exciting gun battles. The attention to detail and the vibrant color palette give the game a unique and immersive atmosphere. Players can even witness virtual rain and storm effects that appear to be almost as real as if they were experiencing it in person.

The in-game characters and the environment have been meticulously created to maintain a realistic feel, with realistic facial expressions, characters interacting with each other and environment, and a vast range of activities that one can do at each location. The game visuals are powered by a cutting-edge graphic engine, providing great realistic lighting effects, vibrant textures and details, realistic movement and animations, and great frame-rates for a better gaming experience.


The interface of GTA Philippines Apk is easy to use and understand. The game uses an intuitive radial menu for easy navigation through missions, options, and other tasks. The game also features a helpful mini-map in the corner of the screen which shows nearby events and locations. Player movement is controlled with the W, A, S, and D keys, while player viewpoint is controlled with the mouse. In addition, the game also offers shortcut key binds which give the player quick access to commonly used activities such as reloading and running.

The game also offers exciting audio-visual settings such as reflective sound and unique camera angles. The sound repertoire consists of vibrant music, sound effects and ambient sound to enhance the realistic feeling of the game. The mini-map also features several landmarks making it easier to recognize and find locations while still maintaining a reliable level of immersion. To assist in navigation the game also has GPS guidance and vehicle customization settings.


GTA Philippines Apk is a highly immersive game with a great atmosphere. The sound effects are highly detailed, providing an emotionally charged atmosphere to the game and allowing players to become fully immersed in their adventures. The ambient sound is realistic and nuanced, and the car sounds are incredibly detailed and powerful. The soundtrack also provides a great atmosphere and keeps the players engaged.

The game also offers a range of other sound effects ranging from distant chatter of pedestrians to gunshots, police sirens and jungle ambience. The sound of weapons being fired, the engine of cars, explosions, and other environmental sounds provide a unique experience. The radio also features some great tracks perfect for when you are driving and exploring the world.

Key Features

The game has received a lot of new content. Bicycles, trucks with detachable trucks, police motorcycles and combine harvesters are all new vehicles. New control technology is used on the bicycles.

  • Mod Cheat Menu
  • New vehicles like Biks, Cars, Bus, Train, Boats, Planes
  • Amazing Open World environment
  • No Root Requirements
  • New Buildings
  • New Characters Models

Final Words

GTA Philippines Apk is an exciting and immersive game with a great atmosphere and atmosphere. There are so many features such as a dynamic day and night cycle, visually stunning cinematics, an extensive range of vehicles and customization, realistic physics and effects, an interactive map and GPS navigation, and of course an extensive range of weapons.

The sound design is highly detailed and retains its immersive atmosphere perfect for the experience. If you are looking for an exciting open world adventure with great graphics, sound effects, and a lot of fun, this is the game for you.

Once you have downloaded the game, it will be available for use on your mobile device. The game is unique and entertaining, and has been improved upon. Download the GTA Philippines APK here. We are excited to bring this update to Grand Theft Auto’s fans in a new and exciting way. It is very easy to play this game on an android device. There are many places you can play this game.


Is GTA Philippines APK is Official game by Rockstars Games?

No! This Modified GTA is for Filipino Cultures gamers.

Can I Play GTA Philippines all countries?

Yes! Without VPN, you can play GTA Philippines in any country.

Is this safe and free?

Yes! All Android users can use it safely and for no cost.

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