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Download Endless Nightmare 4 Prison Mod Apk For Android. Endless Nightmare 4 Mod Apk is a free 3D horror game with plenty of features and exciting twists.
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Feb 15, 2023
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Download Endless Nightmare 4 Prison Mod Apk For Android. The latest installment in the Endless Nightmare series takes place in a prison setting. Scott Boyd, an ex-US Marine Corps sergeant, is the protagonist of this story. After relinquishing his service to Colonel Jason, he returned to America only to face a set of challenges that constrained him even further. As such he was walking towards a dark abyss and stuck in an unbearable reality…

What is Endless Nightmare 4: Prison Mod Apk?

Experience an Epic Horror Journey. Endless Nightmare 4: Prison Mod Apk is a free 3D horror game with plenty of features and exciting twists. The heart-pounding story follows Scott, a normal person who falls victim to cruelty and despair. This thrilling adventure provides a unique plot full of real-life elements.

Solve puzzles, explore, shoot and dodge as you uncover the secrets of this engaging story, reaping different endings as you go! Be prepared for stunning graphics, spine-tingling sounds, unexpected jumpscares and more. Play now for an immersive terror experience that’ll keep your blood pumping! Join us on Facebook or Discord after playing so you can share feedback and opinions with us.

Gameplay – Endless Nightmare 4 Prison Mod Apk:

Endless Nightmare 4: Prison Mod Apk offers intense and immersive gameplay. The player begins as an inmate in a detention center where they have to complete various tasks to earn experience points and upgrade their profile.

The tasks include gathering items, killing enemies, and solving puzzles. As the game progresses, the player gains access to new areas, weapons, and abilities. There are also bosses and bosses who can be fought. Players need to plan strategies and use their wits to overcome the challenges and escape the prison alive.

* Explore and discover each room, collect useful clues and items to figure out the case
* The scary prison is also dangerous, don’t alert the creepy monsters wandering around, you can hide in the cabinet if necessary
* Collect powerful weapons, upgrade parts, and kill creepy monsters
* Learn skills to improve survival ability
* Find resources to solve difficulties
* Defeat the evil boss

Endless Nightmare 4 Prison Features:

  • Exquisite 3D art style, giving you a realistic horror visual experience
  • Explore from a first-person perspective, find the clues and key items
  • Rich game contents, skills, weapons, puzzles, exploration, battles and so on
  • More weapons to choose from, hammer, pistol, shotgun and rifle, use your favorite weapon!
  • Multiple difficulty modes with different endings to unlock!
  • Thriller music and sound, scary atmosphere, please wear headphones for a better experience!


The Endless Nightmare 4 Mod Apk offers high-quality graphics and animations. The game features realistic 3D visuals that transport the player back to the ’80s prison setting. There is also a day and night cycle which adds to the atmosphere. The graphics are further enhanced by the use of lights, shadows and smoke effects which give the game a more cinematic feel. The game’s setting is dark and moody, which gives the game an intimidating feel.


The interface of the Endless Nightmare 4: Prison is simple yet effective. The game comes with an intuitive control system which can be easily learned. All the necessary information is easy to find and the customizable controls make it easy to navigate the game. There is also a mini map that helps the player navigate their way around the prison complex. The game also comes with a tutorial system which helps new players understand the basics of the game quickly.

Sound – Endless Nightmare 4 Prison Mod Apk:

The sound design of Endless Nightmare 4: Prison Mod Apk is also of high quality. The game has several intense background music and ambient soundtracks that keep the player’s adrenaline high. Every gun shot, punch or explosion has been carefully recorded in soul-stirring sound effects that further accentuate the game’s eerie atmosphere.


Endless Nightmare 4: Prison Mod Apk is an intense game with improved graphics and an engaging storyline. The mod apk offers an immersive gaming experience with amazing 3D visuals, day and night cycle, realistic weapons and authentic sound effects.

It also comes with intuitive controls, customizable options and a helpful tutorial system which helps players quickly understand how the game works. All of these features make the game an exciting and enjoyable experience for Android users.

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