Dreams Of Desire v1.0.3 APK (MOD, Latest) Download 2023

Download Dreams Of Desire Apk For Android. Dreams Of Desire Mod Apk is an adult simulation game for android users you are 18+ years old.
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Feb 05, 2023
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Download Dreams Of Desire Apk For Android. Dreams Of Desire Mod Apk is an adult simulation game for android users you are 18+ years old. In Dreams Of Desire Apk, you play as a young man control the screaming hormone in his body and feel the joy around him.

About Dreams Of Desire Apk

The popular Dreams Of Desire Mod game has seen a revival in popularity thanks to the return of visual novels. Although the game isn’t pornographic, it’s only for adults. It contains clear animations and images that are too distinct for young children. The installation steps for this adventure game are simple. Follow the steps below to enjoy this adventure game.

Renpy is a graphical engine optimized for Android, known for developing graphical absorption for 18+. Some prefer to call them visual novels. It was also used for Dreams Of Desire Mod Apk. This featured a young man with high hormones.

Make the most of the summer before heading to the military academy

The game revolves around the following scenario: A young man graduated from high school and studied all summer before moving to a military academy, where he was sent by his father, who was involved in the institution at the time. Our main character, who has never expressed any interest in becoming a soldier, starts to see the world around her… mostly women.

In short, our leading man wants fill in all the gaps he sees. You just need to be more selective in the help you give others.

While we don’t believe it will win an award, it can help alleviate some endocrine issues.

What is Dreams of Desire Mod Apk?

Dreams Of Desire Mod Apk is an adventure game for adults (18+). The story centers around a young man who just graduated high school. He decided to return to the army after he graduated high school. The protagonist isn’t interested in making any plans and enjoying them until they get to college.

The game’s purpose is to meet and hang out with women who are not too obvious. This goal is dependent on the choices made and the interactions played for the main character. The player must ensure that the hero does not get caught or is in an embarrassing situation.

This game is only available on the Android platform. Make sure you have version 4 or higher. Because the game isn’t available in the App Store or Play Store, the user must allow the installation of unknown resources. To download the game, you will need to first download the APK file. Then, install it on your device.


Dreams of Desire Apk is a text-based adult game that you’ll need to progress through. Every decision will affect the progress of the storyline and your character’s life. The game offers various choices as well as numerous NPCs (non-player-character) that you can interact with.

The game also possesses a very real-like feel with in-depth details such as a day-night cycle. As you progress through the level, you’ll have to make difficult choices that will determine your fate.


The graphics of Dreams Of Desire Apk are amazing. The level of realism that you find on a mobile device is very commendable. The creators have given attention to detail by providing lifelike characters, realistic environments and detailed animations.

The game also features 3D models that will make your experience in Dreams Of Desire Apk even more life-like. You will find yourself completely absorbed in the vivid imagery of the game.


Dreams Of Desire Apk has a very user-friendly interface. There is no extra design work needed to get the game going. Every feature is integrated into the game so you won’t need to waste your time scrolling around or trying to find something. The game also has voice commands that you can use to issue instructions and get the desired results.


The soundtrack of Dreams Of Desire Apk is simply amazing. The music and sound effects of the game set the mood to escape into the enchanting world of your dreams.

From the melodious background score to the subtle sound effects, the game will make you feel like you’re in reality. The voice commands and dialogues are also top-notch.

Dreams Of Desire Apk Features

There are many hidden features in the game, we have added some popular features below.

All episodes unlocked

I know you want to skip all the boring episodes. We have now unlocked all episodes. You can now enjoy twelve episodes at any given time.

Some episodes can be tedious, so we have made it easier. It’s sure to be a hit.

Mode menu

If you want to play the game to the next level, just use the mode menu in the game, it makes the game more interesting.

Download Dreams Des F Desire Mode from this site before you start the game. Otherwise, you will lose all features.

High graphics

This is one of the graphics I like most about the game. I’m sure 100% graphics of the game will blow your mind.

I think this is the best game under 500 MB with high graphics.

Lag fixed

If you have a lag issue, don’t worry because the lag issue was removed from almost all Android devices after the update.

If you are still having problems, upgrade your device. To enhance your phone’s performance, you can delete some unneeded apps.

MOD Features

  • Cheats from the menu below
  • Enable / Disable Cheat via Options menu
  • Option to avoid NTR in mother
  • Insect plaster added
  • NEW: Ending Cheats now accessible from the “Extras” Replay menu (at the bottom)
  • Added “Tracy Trust” toggle for Tracy gallery scenes in Ep 12
  • FULL SCENE GALLERY UNLOCK CHEAT – allows you to unlock all characters and scenes, and has variable toggles for scenes where content is dependent on previous game choices – SO YOU CAN SEE ALL THE CONTENT FROM EVERY PATH BRANCH
  • Ep 12 Ending Cheat to see all endings
  • Can enable/disable In-Game cheats from options menu, and you’re asked at first new game or save load
  • Button to show/hide Quick Menu added to Options screen
  • Turned off the typing effect in the dialogue text (because I hate it)
  • Changed dialogue fonts back to an upper/lowercase font to make easier to read.
  • Added date/time stamps back to Save & Load menus
  • Cheat option to see both good and bad Tracy Ep 11 endings – now changes all associated variables not just the Tracy Trust points
  • Option to avoid with mom clearly noted on day 2 shopping trip
  • Now includes the incest patch, and works if you already have the IC patch installed too!
  • Added pictures of alternative and normal outfits to selection screens
  • Installation:
  • To install, download the zip file, unzip in android/obb folder. Note that it’s not just a .rpy file – there are folders with images that you need to unzip as well or it will not work.


Dreams Of Desire Apk is a game for people who are looking for an adult simulation experience on their Android devices. The graphics, interface, sound, and storyline make the game really stand out. If you’re over 18 and looking for a game that will provide a thrilling adventure and keep you on the edge of your seat, then Dreams Of Desire Apk is a must-download.

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