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Download Dogas Info APK For Android. The Dogas Info APK is designed to help pet owners make educated decisions regarding the care of their beloved four-legged friends.
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Feb 28, 2023
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Download Dogas Info APK For Android. The Dogas Info APK is designed to help pet owners make educated decisions regarding the care of their beloved four-legged friends. In addition to providing detailed information about the dog in question, this tool also contains breed-specific guides and helpful tips for boosting health and overall contentment throughout a pet’s life.

This handy tool makes it easy for pet owners to find local grooming services, stay informed about prices and special offers, set reminders for appointments, and more. All the information they need is in one convenient place.

About Dogas Info APK:

This app provides pet owners with an efficient way to find someone to walk their dog. It features a comprehensive list of walking services and details such as rates and availability tailored to the customer’s location, making it ideal for busy dog owners who need assistance during the day or night.

This resource offers users the opportunity to explore canine behavioral training modules at their own pace, tailored for a particular breed and age group. The user experience is further enhanced through tips intended to guide them in understand the processes of canine behavioral training.

This app offers an exclusive discussion board featuring expert guidance related to pet ownership. Users can read advice from experienced professionals on topics such as nutrition, fitness, and behavior modification. Every available topic is categorically organized for better user accessibility, enabling users to quickly find the information they need. This facilitates a faster and simpler searching process than ever before.

Features of Dogas Info APK:

  1. Health Records:

This app offers pet owners a comprehensive health tracking system. People can store detailed information on vaccinations, vet visits, medical treatments, diets and more. It’s an effective way to keep an eye on the well-being of pets so they stay in good health.

  • Nutrition Calculator:

For maximum nutrition tailored to their needs, you must consider age, breed, and gender when selecting meals for your furry friends. Dogas Info’s helpful calculator conveniently curates the perfect meals depending on a pup’s stage of life. Feed your fur baby with confidence and accuracy with the optimal nutrition recommendations of Dogas Info.

  • Activity Tracker:

With this feature, users are able to stay informed of their pet’s daily activity levels. This activity tracker can measure moderate daily exercise, and keep a record of growth milestones. It is the perfect tool for pet owners who want to make sure their pet stays happy and healthy!

  • Training Videos:

Using this application, owners can access professional advice and tips from experienced trainers in order to properly teach their pups the basics. From housebreaking to commands, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips. You won’t have to go hunting for a qualified trainer or spend extra money – it’s all conveniently located within the app.

More Features:

  • Safety Feature:

This app provides a special layer of security for its users by setting up digital fences or geo-zones. These are designed to track your pet’s location at all times, allowing you to be alerted as soon as she strays outside the area. This way, if your pup ever goes missing, somebody will always be on the lookout for her safety.

  • Breed Identification:

This function quickly identifies which breed of dog you have based on a photo. This is great for pet parents who don’t know what type of dog they might own or are considering adopting one. Plus, with this tool, you can get answers quickly, helping provide clarity on any questions you may have about your pup’s breed.

  • Virtual Vet Appointments:

Virtual appointments feature provides users with real-time access to certified veterinarians, regardless of time constraints or availability issues. With this service, acute investigations and diagnoses can be conducted via live video calls and resolved just as efficiently as if the user was seeing a vet in person. This way, pet owners never have to worry about not having access to professional medical advice when it’s most needed.


The App offers easy access to nearby store locations that carry essential supplies for pets’ health and wellness such as food, toys, grooming products, and organic treats. Built-in navigational features make it easy to accurately locate stores of interest with just one click. Get the convenience you need to find the merchandise your pet needs!

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